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Buy Freshlook 1 Day Illuminate 30 Pack Daily Disposable Contact Lenses - 30 Lenses per Box

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Freshlook 1 Day Illuminate 30 Pack
$47 / Box
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The Freshlook 1 Day Illuminate contact lenses are a great addition to CIBA Visions line of contacts. These lenses are specially designed for Asian eyes and giving them a natural look. It starts with the specialized starburst pattern that blends the color of the ring surrounding the iris to create the effect of larger and more colorful eyes. Next, the contacts incorporate a dual-layer printing technology that is made to adapt to all shades of eyes in order to help the look of the eye appear more natural. These are disposable lenses that are made for daily use. As the colorful contacts have taken off with the developments in lens technology, these contacts will be a serious contender in the market for fashion and vision improvement. Freshlook 1 Day Illuminate contacts will help give the eyes the sparkle that is usually only read about in literature. This will help bring attention to the eyes and to the person wearing the contacts, which is always invigorating.

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