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Buy Freshlook Colors 2 Pack Fortnightly Disposable Contact Lenses - 2 Lenses per Box

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Freshlook Colors 2 Pack
$45 / Box
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Changing eye colors have become the new craze in fashion and for special events like parties. CIBA Visions Freshlook Colors 2 Pack contacts are designed as bi-weekly lenses with the ability to add some color to your face. These lenses can be used for both nearsighted and farsighted vision correction and come in a variety of colors. What is even better is that these contacts are available without prescribed vision correction so if someone is just looking to change their eye color but they don't need vision correction, this is a great solution. Currently these contacts are available in four colors: Green, Blue, Sapphire Blue, and Violet. There are two contacts in each box so this is a monthly supply where the contacts will have to be removed and cleaned nightly. You can choose the lens which best suits your outfit, or choose one that enhances your natural eye color. This is a good way to experiment with altering looks and upgrading your fashion style.

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