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Proclear Toric
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For those suffering from astigmatism, it can often be difficult to find a comfortable contact lens for the eye. This is because most Toric lenses are more rigid than the normal contact lens and can cause more discomfort and irritation in the eye. The Proclear Toric lens is an excellent contact lens developed by CooperVision to ensure that customers wearing the Toric lens will experience the same level of comfort that people wearing normal CooperVision lenses witness. Patented PC Technology helps keep the contact moist by incorporating a natural element found in human cell membranes that is hydrophilic and works to surround itself with water. This means that the contact lenses can remain moist and comfortable throughout even the longest days of wear. These are monthly lenses and with the incorporation of the standard CooperVision technology, they are highly breathable and using the PC Technology, the lens is more prone to stay clean throughout the entire day of wear. This is an excellent contact for people suffering from astigmatism that need a lens to remain comfortable for 12 hours.

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