Ciba Vision

Ciba Vision is one of the world 's leading manufacturers of contact lenses and is owned by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world - Novataris. Ciba Vision first entered the soft disposable contact lens market in 1980 and since then have turned more than $1 billion in revenue. As one of the global leaders in design and manufacturing of contact lenses, Ciba Vision is recognised as a reputable contact lens company by practitioners around the world.

Some of Ciba Visions most popular contact lens brands include; freshlook coloured contact lenses, Air Optix, and Focus Dailies. Ciba Vision is innovative in all its contact lens brands and incorporate technologies such as Aquaform and silicone hydrogel materials. To date one of the most successful contact lenses made by Ciba Vision would is their Freshlook brand of coloured contact lenses. Freshlook is the worlds most popular and leading brand of cosmetic coloured contact lenses. Other achievements Ciba Vision has in contact lens wear are their Focus Dailies and Focus Dailies Aquacomfort plus contact lenses. Both these lenses have always been strong competitors against Johnson & Johnson 's 1-Day Acuvue and 1-Day Acuvue moist contact lenses.

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