Toric contact lenses are an often prescribed treatment for astigmatism. They are available in different designs depending on their intended use. Toric contact lenses can be found either with rigid gas permeable (rgp) or soft designs. They are available as daily disposable or extended wear options.

Unlike spherical lenses, Toric Lenses are built with two different power levels - one for hyperopia or myopia and another for astigmatism. As a result of this it is important that the lens remain in the same position once inserted. Contact lens manufacturers achieve this with the use of a ballast design that centralizes the lens during blinks or eye motion. This preserves the visual quality of the lens.

Soft Toric Contact lenses

The primary attraction of Soft Toric contact lenses is the enhanced comfort that they offer. Soft Toric lenses are a lot gentler on the eye, which makes it easier for people to wear them for extended periods. A good example is Bausch & Lomb's SofLens 66 Toric and Purevision Toric Lens.

Soflens 66 Toric

SofLens Toric contact lenses are not built to be used indefinitely but instead offer the convenience of being disposable. The company's unique Lo-Torque design enhances its fit and stability when worn. Bausch & Lomb's Softens Toric Contact Lens are manufactured out of a hydrophilic material, Alphagilcon A which is capable of retaining over 66% of the water content with high oxygen permeability. The lens is easy to handle with a visible light blue tint to make them more distinct.

Purevision Toric Contact Lens

Purevision is another brand of Toric contact lens designed for the correction of astigmatism. These contact lenses are manufactured out of AerGel which allows high levels of oxygen to reach the eyes. This results in a natural experience and prevents the buildup of protein. The Purevision lens is designed to be worn for longer length and can be used for over 30 days.

Toric Contact Lens Cost

The cost of Toric contact lenses varies depending on whether they daily or monthly soft lenses. Because these lenses require a lot more fitting experience, Toric contact lenses tend to cost more than other contact lenses. However, patients can find cheaper options by choosing to buy their Toric contact lenses online. Patients can also find affordable options by buying their Toric contact lenses at online sites that are affiliated with Australian health funds. Here at Contact Lenses Online, we offer quality contact lenses at discount prices which can be claimed through your health fund.

Using Toric Lenses

Toric contact lenses should not be worn when swimming or using the hot tub. The moist environment mixed with the warmth increases the risk of the wearer developing and infection. Toric contact lenses should also not be worn around smoke or fumes as this may encourage the formation of protein deposits. It is vital that people use their latest prescription for their purchases. Using the wrong prescription may worsen a person's astigmatism.


Toric lenses should not be used if a patient is suffering from an eye infection, eye injury, dry eyes or a known allergy to the constituent materials of the lens. They should only be cleaned and handled firmly within the manufacturer's guidelines. Avoid sharing lenses.


Toric Lenses are a viable treatment option for people suffering from astigmatism. Before buying Toric contact lens, it is vital that people meet with an optometrist or eye practitioner to determine if a Toric lens is the right fit.