Focus Contact Lenses

Focus contact lenses are manufactured by Ciba Vision, a company that handles the research and development of ground breaking vision correction lenses. Even though the company produces dozens of contact lenses and lens care products, the lenses under the Focus brand are considered to be one of its most popular products. Focus contact lenses are designed to offer a comfortable experience to the wearer. Focus contact lenses are used by millions of people across the world and can be ordered online here.


Patients who order FOCUS contact lenses online can choose from different brands based on their health needs. The list of available products includes;

  • FOCUS DAILY TORIC: The Focus Daily Toric is a disposable contact lens which can be used with patients diagnosed with astigmatism. It is considered to be the leading daily disposable toric lens in the world.
  • Focus Daily Progressives: Focus Daily progressives are the first multifocal lens that are available as a daily disposable option. They feature many of the company's advanced technologies.
  • Focus Dailies Aquacomfort Plus: Focus Dailies offer a flexible and comfortable experience to patients with an active lifestyle. Like other products, it features the CIBA's BLINK ACTIVATED moisture technology which keeps the lens constantly wet.

Who is it for?

Focus contact lenses are an ideal option for adults with an active lifestyle that requires stable vision correction. They can be worn during intense physical activity including sports. Focus contact lenses offer users a wide range of freedom with no risk of their glasses falling and breaking. They can be used by teenagers and adults and provide a comfortable entry point into the use of contact lenses.

FOCUS contact lenses are the perfect option for adults who are constantly traveling and hate the inconvenience of bulky lens care solutions. Daily disposable Focus contact lenses can be used to minimize the occurrence of allergies and reduce ocular issues such as blurred vision.


The decision of which contact lens to choose will be determined by the needs of each individual. Patients can learn more about their ocular needs by approaching an optometrist for guidance. Regular eye examinations are an important way of identifying potential ocular issues and addressing them before they become to severe. The results of an eye examination alongside the patient's lifestyle will help optometrist determine the best variety of focus contact lens to choose. To order contact lenses from an up to date prescription must be used.


Contact Lenses Online is a popular one stop source of contact lenses. We provide an extensive range of contact lenses includes FOCUS contact lenses. Patients can enjoy quality vision by placing their order online, using their most recent prescription (not older than 12 months). Contact Lenses Online also offers many opportunities for users to enjoy cheap and discounted purchases. This includes its affiliation with over two dozen Australian health funds that can be used for rebates.


FOCUS contact lenses are easy to use. Once inserted, the lenses retain their shape and position even with intense eye rotation or blinking. They do not bend or get damaged when gently handled. Each pack is accompanied by user guidelines. Patients are expected to carefully follow these guidelines as well the instructions provided by the eye practitioner.


Focus contact lenses should be used firmly within the outline replacement window. For instance, FOCUS dailies should be replaced on a daily basis and not overextended. Using focus contact lenses with an irregular schedule can lead to eye issues such as ulcers.


Focus contact lenses should not be use if patients experience any of the following conditions:

  • Allergic reaction to any of the ingredients used in the manufacture of the lens.
  • Eye inflammation or redness.
  • Eye infection caused by bacterial, viral or fungal pathogens.
  • Injury that affects the eyelids, cornea or conjunctiva.
  • Severe eye dryness
  • Irregular eye sensitivity

Individuals who experience severe pain or discomfort with focus contact lenses are advised to stop using it IMMEDIATELY. A visit to an eye care practitioner will be needed to discover the cause of the discomfort.


For an attractive blend of quality, comfort and cost, FOCUS contact lenses are a solid option. Focus contact lenses can be ordered online and are delivered to all locations within Australia. The advanced technologies used in its design results in a softer, wetter and more natural experience.