Gelflex Contact Lenses

GELFLEX contact lenses are a popular ocular solution within Australia. They offer superior fit, a comfortable wearing experience and high moisture retention. The range of products available under the GELFLEX brand includes cosmetic and specialized contact lenses. GELFLEX contact lenses can be ordered online and are delivered to all locations within Australia.


Gelflex contact lenses are developed by GELFLEX laboratories. The company was founded in 1971 by Donald Ezekiel, an Australian optometrist. GELFLEX Laboratories today employs skilled lens specialists who contribute towards the broad range of contact lens solutions offered by the company. The company is the only Australian company that is responsible for the direct creation of its monomers. It's list of achievements also include the company's unique gas permeable sclera lens, its Triton Translating Soft Bifocal lens and being the first company to manufacture a hydrogel intraocular lens.

GELFLEX Contact lens: Cost

The exact cost of GELFLEX contact lenses varies with different retailers. Online stores however offer some of the cheapest rates available. Contact Lenses Online is a popular one stop source for vision solutions. This includes GELFLEX lenses. Patients can also enjoy discount and rebate options with the site's recognition of over thirty different Australian private health funds.


GELFLEX contact lenses are not recommended for patients who experience symptoms such as

  • Eye soreness
  • Red eyes
  • Eye infection caused by fungal, viral or bacterial pathogens.
  • Eye injury to the eyelid or cornea which may be aggravated by lenses.
  • Severely dry eyes
  • Irregular eye sensitivity
  • Eye infection
  • Eye inflammation

Patients who are allergic to the compounds used in the making of GELFLEX contact lenses may want to consider an alternative option. GELFLEX lenses are also not suitable for people who are physically incapable of inserting, removing or caring for the lenses and have no one who can assist them with this.

Like other contact lens products it is strongly advised that patients consult with their optometrist before buying GELFLEX contact lenses. Wearing the wrong kind of lens can lead to potentially severe problems with a person's vision. Users are also encouraged to follow the manufacturer instructions regarding the handling of lenses and lens care products.

GELFLEX contact can be affected by smoke or fumes. They are not designed to be worn while swimming. Patients who experience side effects such as blurred vision, eye soreness or ocular tearing should remove the lens immediately and seek the attention of an optometrist.


GELFLEX contact lenses offer a cost effective option to people who are in search of affordable but reliable contact lens solution. These contact lenses are used by thousands of satisfied customers with many positive reviews about its performance. GELFLEX contact lenses must be bought with a prescription. Patients are also expected to keep up with follow-up visits to evaluate their vision.