CooperVision offers some of the most advanced features in contact lens design. They are widely appreciated for their comfort and clear vision. The company is ranked the second largest manufacturer of prescription contact lenses (in the U.S) and offers over a dozen different products designed for daily, bi-weekly or monthly use with patients of different ages. CooperVision lenses are an often recommended choice by eye care professionals in most continents, including Australia. Patients who wish to buy CooperVision contact lenses for its vision corrective features are advised to speak with an optometrist.


CooperVision's list of products is available under several different brands. The following is a surmised list.


Proclear lenses feature CooperVision's PC technology which is used to ingrain synthesised molecules naturally found in cell membrane into the lens material. The addition of these molecules increases the lens' affinity for moisture and drastically reduces the risk of dryness. Proclear CooperVision contact lenses are approved for use by the American FDA and can be used with patients who are prone to eye irritation related to eye dryness. Proclear contact lenses can also be used to correct astigmatism. The range of products available under this brand include

  • Proclear 1 day contact lenses
  • Proclear EP contact lenses
  • Proclear Sphere
  • Proclear Toric


Biofinity are extended wear contact lenses. Made using CooperVision's Aquaform Comfort science technology, the contact lenses under the Biofinity brand include multifocal and toric lenses. They are designed out of a unique permeable silicone hydrogel that supports the high flow of oxygen. This contributes towards keeping the eyes healthy, white and clear. The surface of Biofinity CooperVision contact lenses is resistant to the growth of protein deposits and dirt. The hydrophilic lenses remain wet when worn which reduces the risk of eye dryness. Biofinity lenses aren't treated with surface wetting but instead have these ingrained in the material.

The list of products available under this brand includes:

  • Biofinty Contact Lenses
  • Biofinity Multifocal
  • Biofinity Toric


The contact lenses available under the AVARIA label are CooperVision's two week soft contact lens brand. These lenses are designed out of a unique silicone hydrogel that binds water to the lens retaining its moistness and increasing its comfort factor to the user. The wettablity of the lens is further enhanced with use of CooperVison's revolutionary Aquaform Comfort Science technology which increases the flexibility and softness of the lens material, creating a gentle fit on the eyes. Avaria contact lenses are available as treatment options for astigmatism.

Products under this brand include

  • Avaria contact Lenses
  • Avaria Toric Contact Lenses


Most of the contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision are designed with UV protective features that absorbs as much as 80% of the ambient UV radiation (UV-a and UV-b). CooperVision contact lenses are however not built to serve as substitutes for protective eyewear such as sunglasses.


Patients are advised to avoid using CooperVision contact lenses if they experience any of the following;

  • Eye infection or injury that affects the eyelids, conjunctiva or cornea
  • Dry eyes (caused by severe lacrimal secretions)
  • Irregular corneal sensitivity
  • Systemic diseases that may be aggravated with the use of contact lenses
  • Allergies triggered by ingredients used in manufacturing CooperVision contact lenses
  • Irritated or red eyes.

Except in instances where patients require prescribed replacements, it is strongly advised that patients visit their optometrist for a routine eye examination before buying contact lenses. An eye care professional will be able to evaluate the patient's eye sight and decide on the best fit for their lifestyle and vision.


CooperVision contact lenses are used by customers across the world. The company is ranked amount the top thee manufacturers of contact lenses and lens care products. CooperVision contact lenses earn a lot of positive reviews based on the comfort and experience that they offer. Featuring different revolutionary technologies, CooperVision can be used to treat a broad range of eye issues including presbyopia and astigmatism. CooperVision contact lenses can be ordered online here and are available with a prescription.