For individuals eager to try out different lens colors, Freshlook contact lenses are a great option. Freshlook contact lenses are a highly rated brand manufactured by global giants, CIBA Vision. Freshlook contact lenses are available in a wide range of fun, creative and vibrant colors. The appealing design of these lenses combined with their comfort has made them a popular choice among the cosmetic contact lens community.

FreshLook Contact Lenses Products

There are different products available under the Freshlook Brand. Some of these are:

  • FreshLook ColorBlends: Sold with 2 lenses in a box and a bi-weekly disposal system, FreshLook Colorblends offer an attractive range of brilliant hues designed to fit most skin types.
  • FreshLook One Day Contact Lenses: Built to be used daily and available with 10 lenses in each pack. The FreshLook one day color contact lenses offer a comfortable and convenient experience. FreshLook contact lenses can be used for individuals who require vision correction and those who don't. In the case of the latter, buyers will still be required to have a prescription before placing their order. A routine examination with an eye care practitioner can be used in securing this.
  • Freshlook Colors: A coloured contact lens type for a bold change in your eye colour. Ideal for those with dark eyes looking for a dramatic change.


  • UV Absorber: Freshlook contact lenses are manufactured with a patented UV absorbing monomer. The presence of the ingrained monomer helps in reducing the amount of ambient UV radiation that the eyes are exposed to. Freshlook contact lenses are however not designed to be used as replacements for normal UV protective eyewear.
  • Hydrophilic properties: Freshlook contact lenses are made out of Phemfilcon A, a unique copolymer that retains moisture. The hydrophilic properties of the lens contribute towards retaining the lens moistness when worn. This enhances the natural feel and comfort of the lens.
  • Extensive Color Range: Users can choose from an extensive range of colors under the Freshlook brand. Colors can be chosen to match with the userís skin and hair tone, creating natural and pleasing results.

The Benefits

  • Easy and effective way of altering the color of the eyes
  • Offers a flexible approach to cosmetic changes
  • Stable design
  • Can be used to restore poor vision
  • Fair UV protection.
  • Medically approved lenses with advanced features

For the best performance, CIBA VISION recommends that buyers replace their FreshLook lenses within the prescribed schedule. This may be fortnightly or daily depending on the type of lens. Optometrists can work closely with you to determine the best replacement schedule for your needs based on the results of a clinical examination as well as your lifestyle.

Where to Buy Freshlook Contact Lenses

Freshlook contact lenses can be readily ordered online at ContactLenses Online. Freshlook contact lenses can be bought at discount prices. Buyers can also take advantage of the rebates offered by several Australian private health funds if a prescription product is ordered.


CIBA Vision advises that people avoid the use of Freshlook contact lenses if they experience any of the following conditions.

  • Poor vision with it use.
  • Sensation of dryness when worn.
  • Degrading comfort levels as the lens is being worn
  • Blurred vision with the use of the lens.
  • Allergic reaction to the ingredients used in the manufacture of the lens

Caution for Lens Use

Patients with Freshlook contact lenses are advised to stop using the lens if it should

  • Become damaged in any way
  • Pick up too much dirt
  • Has exceeded its replacement schedule.

Freshlook contact lenses are not built to be used when swimming as this may damage the lens or increase a patient's risk of infection. Individuals who experience pain while wearing the lens are encouraged to consult with a doctor immediately.


Freshlook contact lenses are fun and comfortable. Despite the fact that most people choose Freshlook contact lenses for cosmetic purposes, a prescription is still required. A routine eye examination will help determine the right contact lens fitting.