Contact lenses small (approx 14mm), round, clear, plastic objects which you place on your eye to correct vision. They are very thin and are usually soft to ensure comfort on the eye.

Although contact lenses do not always correct your vision as well as spectacles, there are many advantages of contacts over glasses.

For active activities such as sport and swimming, spectacles are not appropriate. You can break your glasses with contact sports or lose them in the water with oceanic activities.

Contacts adhere very well to the cornea and so are the default for contact sports and fast moving activities. Professional athletes of all sports employ contact lenses frequently to compete at the highest level. Casual sportsman can also use contact lenses for a more enjoyable weekend activity.

Contacts are also great for when you want to look your best. Even though spectacles are considered fashionable items in today's world, there are many occasions where contacts would be more suitable.

For example, many do not wear their glasses on their wedding day. Contact lenses will not hinder you when you are looking into your partner's eyes when you say "I do".

Not getting married? Contacts are also great for going out on the town and looking your best. Your conservative work glasses may look great at work but don't match your weekend party clothes. Contacts are perfect for this.

Cosmetic contact lenses can also be used to change your eye colour, even if you have perfect vision! Coloured contact lenses are fun and safe if used correctly. Coloured contacts put that extra touch to your outfit on occasions such as Halloween and dress up parties.

There is usually a contact lens which suits everyone who needs spectacles. However, contact lenses need to be fitted by your optometrist or eye care practitioner. Incorrect usages of contact lenses can cause serious and irreversible damage to your eyes.

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