One Day Acuvue

One Day Acuvue contact lenses by Johnson & Johnson were the first daily disposable contact lenses made. Following One Day Acuvue contact lenses, Acuvue has released other ranges of daily contact lenses; Acuvue One Day Moist and Acuvue One Day TruEye. One Day Acuvue Moist is the leading daily disposable contact lens available and uses Lacreon technology which creates a cushion around the lens leaving it feeling moist and comfortable for the wearer all day. One Day Acuvue Moist is available in two base curves and a large range of powers. One Day Acuvue TruEye is Johnson & Johnsonís latest addition to their contact lens range. One Day Acuvue TruEye is made of silicone hydrogel which allows a large flux of oxygen to permeate the lens delivering the amount of oxygen required to keep your eyes healthy, white and clear. Also incorporated into One Day Acuvue TruEye is Hydraclear Plus. A special wetting agent which keeps the contact lenses feeling moist and smooth all day.

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