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Buy Frequency XCEL Toric Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses - 3 Lenses per Box

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Frequency XCEL Toric
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The Frequency XCEL Toric is one of the only contacts on the market to use a unique shape of lens to ensure that the lens is positioned correctly on the eye when worn. If the lens happens to move out of position vision will become blurred and if the lens does not move freely in the eye there will be a discomforting feeling felt by the person wearing the lens. This is a good feature as it inspires the person wearing the lens to make sure their lens is in the proper position for the best vision and the best safety for the eye. While the lens remains in proper position it is designed to provide extensive comfort and excellent vision. Studies have shown that when patients use these contacts for a month they experienced more comfort with the Frequency XCEL Toric than whatever other contact lens they were wearing before the study.

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