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Proclear Multifocal
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Contacts have become the new craze when it comes to vision correction. It appears that most people would rather have contacts than glasses, due to the ability to have peripheral vision and the comfort or style from not wearing eyeglasses. Unfortunately for people suffering from by presbyopia, contacts were not available until recently. As people age the lens of the eye becomes more inflexible which creates a problem for adjusting focus from objects far away to objects that are close. It also becomes more difficult to focus on objects that are close to the eye with age. The Proclear Multifocal lens focuses light from objects both near and far in the back of the eye to provide the clearest image possible. These contacts actually use two lenses that work together to provide great vision near, far, and even in middle distances. This is a great alternative for people wanting to avoid wearing eyeglasses. These lenses also incorporate Cooper Vision's PC Technology that helps the eye retain moisture throughout the day, leading to greater comfort while wearing the contact.