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Buy Proclear Multifocal EP Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses - 3 Lenses per Box

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Proclear Multifocal EP
$59 / Box
This product is not available in Australia or has been discontinued.
The Proclear Multifocal EP contact lens is a new lens that replaces the Biomedics EP lens by CooperVision. This is the first and only contact lens that can be used by people who are just starting to have difficulty in viewing objects clearly at short distances or reading. This happens when a person is developing presbyopia, which is the natural aging of the eye where people begin to have trouble focusing or transitioning between objects placed at different distances. The Proclear Multifocal EP contact lens is a great solution to this problem and the associated problems that might stem from this condition like having to buy reading glasses or wear bifocal lenses that restrict the angles of vision. In order to see everything clearly at any distance and to be able to just rely on your contacts to improve your vision as you age, you should get these if you are beginning to develop presbyopia.

Also Available in extra parameters Proclear Multifocal