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Acuvue 1 Day Define
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Acuvue Define Colours Accent Vivid
The Acuvue 1 Day Define contact lenses are a great way to not only correct vision impairment, but also enhance the natural beauty of the eye. These contacts ehance the eye making it appear larger and brighter, while accentuating the colors of the eye. There are three different styles that can be chosen from to suit the style that a person wearing the lens wants to use. First there is a lens called the Accent Style that gives the impression of neatness and confidence. Next there is a Natural Shine style that adds rays to the lens expanding outward from the pupil. These are brightly colored and should be used when wanting to display sophistication and intelligence. Finally there is the Vivid Style, which has smaller rays of color, but yet they are focused so when a person wears the lens, it will reveal their outgoing and lively character. The Acuvue 1 Day Define lens is a daily disposable that is perfect for addition some flare to your appearance.