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Acuvue 2
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If you are looking for the best hydrogel contact lenses you can buy, you need to look no further than the Acuvue 2 contacts. Since being released to the market in 1999, these contacts have consistently been the best-selling hydrogel contacts available. These contacts are used to treat near or farsightedness and are good to wear daily for two weeks. They are made of a Class II UV Protectant that blocks 88% of UV-A and 99% of UV-B radiation from the sun to aid in eye protection. The hydrogel material that the lens is composed of allows 88% of available oxygen to reach the open eye meaning that people wearing this contact will experience greater comfort due to the increased breathability of the lens. The Acuvue 2 has a visibility tint for handling the lens in solution and then an inside-out mark to ensure the lens is placed correctly in the eye. There are 6 lenses included in each box, which allows for up to 3 months of contact wear.