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From CIBA VISION comes the Air Optix Aqua, a brand of breathable contact lenses that are designed to meet an individual's vision needs of daily wear. Air Optix Aqua can be ordered online and are available for delivery everywhere within Australia. Air Optix Aqua is built with vision correction features and can be adapted to most lifestyles. For optimal results, buyers are advised to shop with recent prescriptions.


At the heart of the Air Optix Aqua strong performance is CIBA Vision's TriComfort Technology. Designed to create the optimal viewing experience, the TriComfort Technology achieve this via a three pronged approach which involves:
  • High Moisture retention: Dry eyes are common problem with average contact lenses but the AIR OPTIX Aqua is designed with materials that have strong hydrophilic properties. This allows them to retain high percentages of water which in turn results in a moist, comfortable and natural experience.
  • Resistant to Deposits: The Air Optix Aqua contact lens is designed with an ultra smooth surface that makes it more resistant to protein deposits (one of the primary causes of irritation). The absence of deposits ensures that wearers are able to remain comfortable even after long hours of wear. The smooth surface of the contact lens also makes it harder for people to notice their presence.
  • Breathable: Designed out of a patented silicon hydrogel, the Air Optix aqua delivers a steady flow of oxygen to the eyes, ensuring that it remains white and healthy. Wearers are able to enjoy almost as much oxygen with their lenses on as they are without. More than 80 % of the available oxygen gets to the eyes. The steady delivery of oxygen contributes towards the healing and decreased redness of the eyes.


Air Optix Aqua offers several benefits to the user. Some of these include
  • Comfortable fit and lens design
  • Increased oxygen flow through the lens to the eyes.
  • Enhanced lubrication for the eyes
  • Restoration of clear vision to the user
  • Can be adapted to suit most conditions and lifestyles
  • High resistance to protein deposits

Who is it for?

Air Optix Aqua is an ideal choice for people who wear lenses for many long hours during the day. They are also suitable for people with an active lifestyle that requires that they move around a lot. The advanced design and technology available with Air Optix Aqua, reduces the likelihood of people eye's becoming dry, irritated or tired during the day. They can be worn from the start of the morning to bedtime.

Where to Buy Air Optix Aqua?

Air Optix Aqua can be ordered online here at competitive prices. Contact Lenses Online is a leading one stop source for replacement contact lenses. The list of offered products includes Air Optix Aqua lenses. Contact Lenses Online offers affordable prices and potential rebates through its affiliation with over two dozen different Australian private health funds. Buyers are issued receipts which every purchase and these can be used when applying for rebates.


Air Optix Aqua lenses are not to be used with patients if they experience conditions such as;
  • Severe injury to the eyelids, cornea or conjunctiva which may be worsened with the use of lenses
  • Allergies to the compounds used in the creation of Air Optix Aqua lenses
  • Eye inflammation.
  • Dry eyes
  • Extremely sensitive eyes
  • Infection caused by bacteria, fungi or virus

First time purchasers are strongly advised to discuss with their optometrist before placing their order online. Contact lenses are sold with prescriptions. To reduce the risk of error, patients will need to have prescriptions that are not older than 12 months. Using the wrong prescription may worsen a patient's vision. Patients are also strongly advised to only use their contact lenses within the replacement schedule.


Air Optix Aqua is one of the leading products offered by CIBA VISION. Featuring the company's revolutionary TriComfort technology, the lenses are optimised to offer high levels of comfort to the wearer. Air Optix Aqua lenses are preferred by thousands of shoppers across the world and enjoy largely positive reviews about its performance.

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