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Avaira Toric
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The Avaira Toric lens by CooperVision help keep the eyes clear and healthy looking when wearing the contact. This is due to several key features of the lens that helps reduce irritation in the eye and discomfort. The Aquaform Comfort Science Technology that is used in these lenses allows the most oxygen to travel through the lens while staying moist. This means that there will be less build-up of debris on the lens, the lens will be more flexible, and the lens will not rub against the eye resulting in redness. There is also a UV blocker in the lens that greatly reduces the percentage of harmful UV radiation that enters the eye. The flexibility of the lens makes it one of the most comfortable on the market and with the amount of oxygen flowing through the lens it will feel like there is nothing in your eye. These are tinted blue for easy handling outside of the eye. These can be worn for a week or up to two weeks depending on comfort and individual eye conditions. The contacts come in packs of six for wear up to three months.