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Biofinity Toric 3 Pack
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The BIOFINITY Toric 3 Pack contains lenses built for the correction of astigmatism. They can be worn by people who are suffering from the mild to early stages of astigmatism. The Toric 3 pack features many of BIOFINITY'S key technologies including a patented hydrophilic compound and a wide correction range


The BIOFINITY brand is manufactured by Coopervision, a medical company that is widely considered to the leading manufacturer of toric lenses and the third largest maker of contact lens in the world. Unsurprisingly, the BIOFINITY Toric pack has gone on to become very popular. Biofintiy Toric lenses are sold in different parts of the world with manufacturing plants in America, Europe and Australia.


  • Broad Power range: BIOFINITY Toric lenses may be used by people suffering astigmatism as high as 2.0 diopters. To determine the right strength, it is vital that people seek the attention of an eye care professional. The BIOFINITY Toric 3 pack requires a recent prescription for this reason.
  • High Oxygen Transfer: One of the primary materials used during the manufacture of the BIOFINITY Toric lens is Comfilcon A. The lens high permeability factor ensures that the eyes receive a steady supply of the oxygen around. This results in a natural and comfortable experience with fewer incidences of irritation.
  • AQUAFORM: BIOFINITY lenses are manufactured with AQUAFORM, Coopervision's groundbreaking technology. AQUAFORM enhances the comfort factor of the lens by increasing their wettablity. It achieves this by creating hydrogen bonds which keep the water molecules within the lens. AQUAFORM also protects the lens from becoming dehydrated or developing protein deposits.
  • Comfortable Design: The lenses available within the pack are designed with rounded edges to enhance their comfort factor. When this is combined with the lens' hydrophilic properties and strong oxygen support, wearers are able to enjoy white and healthy eyes.

Where to find Affordable Options

The BIOFINTY TORIC pack can be bought at any optometrist. The web however offers a more affordable option. Here we offer large discounts on BIOFINITY Toric 3 pack. Patients who belong to a private Australian health fund can reduce the cost of their lenses by making their orders online as well. Contact Lenses Online is recognised by over three dozen different health funds. Purchases are accompanied by receipts which can be used in successfully securing rebates.


The BIOFINITY Toric 3 Pack offers several benefits. Some of which include;
  • Being able to work and live without relying on glasses
  • Vision correction features
  • Suitable for athletes and people with very active lifestyles
  • Restoration of near 20/20 vision
  • Useful peripheral vision while driving.


Coopervision recommends that wearers avoid using BIOFINITY Toric contact lenses if they are experiencing any of the following scenarios;
  • Reduced sensitivity of the eyes
  • Severely dry eyes
  • A viral, fungal or bacterial eye infection
  • An ocular injury that can be worsened by the use of contact lens.
  • Sore eyes
  • Eye infection which may be aggravated by the lens
  • An inability to follow the use of instructions or find someone who can assist with this.
  • Allergic reaction to the compounds used in making the contact lens or lens care product. This includes mercury and silicone.

Patients who experience any adverse symptoms while using contact lenses, such as blurred vision, soreness or an infection, should stop using the lens immediately. Biofinity Toric lenses should not be worn when swimming or using the hot tub. The heat and moist environment may increase the risk of people developing an infection. Toric contact lenses should also be protected from smoke and fumes. Hairspray should be applied before the contact lens is worn. Used cleaning liquid should never be reused.


The BIOFINITY Toric 3 pack is a popular option with positive reviews. Each pack is accompanied by 3 lenses packed in a sterile container. Depending on the views of the optometrist, patients may be able to wear lenses when sleeping. It is recommended that people visit their optometrist for periodic evaluation. Based on the outcome, the eye care professional may alter their prescription. BIOFINITY Toric lenses are recommended for people suffering from astigmatism. The lens should not be used beyond the suggested replacement period.

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