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Focus Dailies 90 Pack
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The Focus dailies 90 pack contains daily disposable contact lenses that can be used for vision correction. The FOCUS brand is manufactured by CIBA VISION and used by millions of people across the globe. The pack can be ordered online here and is available for delivery within Australia. Wearer's must consult with their optometrist before making a purchase. A recent prescription is required for all purchases.


The Focus Dailies 90 Pack is recommended for people who have active lifestyles that keep them constantly on the move. The balance and fit of the lenses means that they can be worn during sports. Focus Dailies 90 pack is a suitable option for people who travel frequency since they do not have to worry about carrying any additional lens care product.


  • Comfortable Design: The Focus Dailies lens is built with a unique dual thin zone design that enhances the comfort and stability of the lens. It also has a Tri-Curve design which allows the lens to have a consistently thin edge regardless of the lens power. Users of the lens will feel so comfortable with the lens that they might forget they're actually wearing one.
  • Easy Handling: Focus contact lenses are easy to insert and remove. They retain their shape when held on a finger.


The Focus Dailies 90 pack offers several benefits to the user. Some of these include;

  • Daily Fresh start: With the Focus dailies 90 pack, wearers can enjoy a fresh pair of lens every day. This delivers constantly clear vision to the user.
  • Hassle Free: The lenses within the Dailies 90 pack come sterilised and ready for wear. Wearers therefore do not need to worry about sterilising their lenses before insertion. They can simply insert and discard each lens at the end of the day. The hassle free approach increases the amount of time that people have each morning.
  • Safe Option: People worried about dirt or deposit buildup will enjoy the clean convenient option available with Dailies lenses. As well as being sterilised, the lenses are designed to be resistant to dirt and the buildup of protein deposits.
  • Blink Activated moisture: The Focus dailies 90 pack ensures all day comfort by keeping the lenses wet despite the environmental condition. Unlike some other brands, the eye's constant blinking action doesn't dry out the lens but instead triggers a fresh release of moisture, creating a natural and comfortable wearing experience.


You can buy your Focus Dailies 90 pack here. At Contact Lenses Online, buyers will find some of the cheapest prices available today. Patients can place their orders online and have these delivered to any location within Australia. Contact Lenses Online is also recognised by over thirty different health funds within Australia. Patients can therefore secure rebates using the receipts that accompany their online purchase.


The Focus Dailies 90 pack can be used by most people with vision issues except in situations where;

  • The user has an injury or abnormal growth on the eyelid, cornea or conjunctiva
  • There is presence of a bacterial, fungal or viral infection
  • The user has an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients used in making the lens
  • Individual has extremely dry eyes that cannot be treated with contact lenses
  • Individual has been diagnosed with hyper sensitive eyes
  • Sore or inflamed eyes which can be aggravated with constant lens use
  • Individual has difficulty handling and maintaining the use of contact lens without external assistance which is currently unavailable

Focus dailies are not to be worn while swimming or using the hot tub. The humid conditions can increase a person's risk of contacting an eye infection. The lenses within the Focus dailies 90 pack should also be shielded from smoke or fumes as these may affect the visibility and performance of the lens.


The Focus Dailies 90 Pack is a daily disposable contact lens that offers a lot of flexibility to the user. It can be used for regular or infrequent use. The lenses offer vision corrective features and are built using advanced design optics.

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