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Buy Frequency XCEL Toric XR Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses - 3 Lenses per Box

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Frequency XCEL Toric XR
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The Frequency XCEL Toric XR is a great new advancement in contact lens design that allows people with more severe cases of astigmatism wear contacts. This lens is spectacular in that it is a monthly contact compared to similar lenses that in the past had to be worn for a year. This is a great alternative that will reduce or eliminate the irritation to the eye and maintain the health of the eye instead of hurting it. This contact lens allows people with astigmatism levels over -2.75DC to wear contacts instead of relying on glasses as in the past. The lens is constructed with the best materials that are designed to promote comfort while wearing through improved moisture retention and debris build-up resistance. The Frequency XCEL Toric XR has an extended range of parameters with the exact same FIPS manufacturing techniques as the original. The axis can also be adjusted in 5-degree steps allowing for a better lens for the eye. Finally, these lenses are tinted for ease of handling.

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