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Buy Freshlook Dimensions 2 Pack Fortnightly Disposable Contact Lenses - 2 Lenses per Box

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Freshlook Dimensions 2 Pack
$45 / Box
This product is not available in Australia or has been discontinued.
CIBA Vision's Freshlook Dimension 2 Pack of contact lenses is designed to either enhance or change light eye colors for a more natural look. These are intended to maintain comfort throughout the day as well. The tint of the lens makes it easy to handle and locate in solution while the moisture content of the lens guarantees comfort in the eye. The dark outer pattern of the lens is arranged in a starburst style that gives the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. The translucent colors meanwhile increase the depth and dimensionality of the eyes. These lenses are available in three colors: Pacific Blue, Sea Green, and Caribbean Aqua. The Freshlook Dimension 2 Pack contacts are designed for people with lighter eyeshades and colors. These lenses can be worn for up to two weeks with properly nightly cleaning and soaking in solution. The two pack means that each box contains up to a month supply for one eye.

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