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Freshlook One Day Color
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CIBA Visions has taken their Focus Dailies contacts to a new level with the Freshlook One Day Color lens. These contacts are built on the frame of the Focus Daily contacts, but they incorporate color into the lens to allow users to change their eye color. There are four colors available; green, gray, blue, and honey. This allows people that wear a normal daily lens to change the color of their eyes for any reason they so desire. These contacts still provide refreshing comfort and wetness by using the Focus Dailies design. Another great feature is that one does not have to worry about purchases cases and solution for these contacts, as they can just be disposed of after wearing for a day. The Freshlook One Day Color is an excellent lens and can make a great fashionable addition to a person's wardrobe or cosmetics. These contacts also imitate natural eye colors using the 3-in-1 color technology that includes different colors in the ring, middle, and pupil areas.

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