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Gelflex Extreme H2O Monthly
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The Gelflex Extreme H2O Monthly disposable contact lens is a great option for vision correction. These lenses are constructed from an ultra-stable hydrogel material that helps retain water between the contact lens and the eye. This reduces irritation and the possibility of discomfort during the time when these contacts are worn. The great thing about these lenses is that with water always surrounding the lens, the shape of the lens and the stability of the lens will be maintained throughout the whole time these are worn. Gelflex Extreme H2O Monthly contacts are also debris resistant due to their non-ionic characteristic, which helps prevent discomfort and ensures that tears properly moisturize the lens. These are monthly contacts that need to be taken out and cleaned nightly but their resistance to protein deposits allows them to be worn for longer hours than most contacts. They come in boxes of 3 contacts for three months of wear.

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