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Buy Proclear 1 Day 30 Pack Daily Disposable Contact Lenses - 30 Lenses per Box

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Proclear 1 Day 30 Pack
$39 / Box
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The Proclear 1 Day 30 Pack is an excellent choice of daily disposable contacts that is good for those people needing a fresh lens at the start of each day. Many people wear daily contacts simply for the convenience of a new lens each day that doesn't require cleaning or putting into a contact case at night. Others need daily lenses due to eye irritation caused by reusing the same lenses. These contacts are a great selection for a daily disposable and since they are made by Cooper Vision quality can be guaranteed. These contacts incorporate Cooper Vision's new PC Technology that ensures comfort throughout each day of wear. Phosphorylcholine (PC) is a substance that exists naturally in human cell membranes and these are hydrophilic chemicals that surround themselves with water. Even after twelve continuous hours of wear, the Proclear 1 Day 30 Pack contact lenses are still supposed to retain their comfort level that they had at the start of wear. The Proclear 1 Day 30 Pack includes 30 contact lenses for a month of contact wear.

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