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Proclear Toric XR
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This type of lens is custom made for each customer and takes 2 weeks to deliver
CooperVision's Proclear Toric XR contact lens is designed for those suffering from astigmatism that wish to use contacts instead of eyeglasses. People suffering from strong astigmatism can even wear these contacts. The Proclear Toric XR contact lens provides the best comfort in a toric lens while delivering top vision correction. These lenses have a high water content level meaning they will remain hydrated while in the eye. The Balanced Progressive technology used in the lens works with the curve of your cornea to correct astigmatism and provide the clearest vision. This is a monthly contact lens and comes in a package with six lenses for up to a six-month contact supply. They are tinted blue for easy handling while in solution or outside of the eye, yet this tint will not affect the color of the eye, so the natural beauty of your eye can still show through the lens.