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Buy Purevision 2 HD Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses - 6 Lenses per Box

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Purevision 2 HD
$60 / Box
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"Thank you for your generosity in providing additional contacts. It is a clear indication of a reputable company. I understand that receiving lenses from a supplier at times, carries with it delays so your assistance with my order was very much appreciated."

Bausch and Lomb just recently released the Purevision 2 HD contact lens that is a great new medium for contacts. These contacts are designed to deliver the best vision by minimizing halos and glare. ComfortMoist Technology is found within these lenses that ensures the contact will retain moisture throughout the day and remain comfortable in the eye. The Purevision 2 HD also provides a high level of oxygen transmission that will help ensure the health of the eye. These are very thin lenses, but provide the durability not to tear when handling. This is a great, new approach to treating Myopia or Hyperopia, while providing the most realistic and quality view from a lens. The thin lens design and moisture technology make a very smooth contact, which will reduce the likelihood of eye irritation and discomfort through wear. These contacts provide the same visual quality difference that High Definition has made for the television industry, making every sight more vivid and clear.