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Purevision 6 Pack
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"I received my order today and just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!! The contacts are amazing and I can see! I cant believe how fast it got here. Thank you so so much for all your help! Will be ordering all of mine and my husbands contacts through you from now on."

The Purevision 6 Pack contact lenses are lenses that can be worn for up to a month. They do require cleaning and soaking in solution at the end of the day, but with proper maintenance they will remain some of the most comfortable lenses you have worn for the whole month you wear a lens. Bausch and Lomb produce these lenses so you know they are of the best quality of eyewear. They incorporate a silicone hydrogel design with enhanced aspheric optical pattern that provides an unmatched level of comfort in the eye. The AerGel material ensures that the contact remains moist while placed in the eye, which will reduce irritation and ensure the clearest vision. This material also allows for high transmission of oxygen past the lens into the eye to maintain the health of the eye, increase moisture, and make the lens feel more natural in the eye. The Purevision 6 Pack lenses are also tinted a light blue color for easy identification in solution.