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Purevision multifocal lenses offer presbyopes an ideal solution to their vision. The lenses can be used for clear vision at both distance and near.


  • Comfortable design: Purevision multi-focal contact lenses are built with an advanced aspheric design that allows for easy transitions between far, near and middle vision. The Purevision Multifocal lens has a diameter of 14.0mm and a base curve of 8.6mm. This results in a comfortable experience when worn.
  • Moist Lens: Manufactured out of a unique hydrophilic silicone hydrogel, balafilcon A. As a result of this, lenses are capable of retaining their wetness all through the day. The 'wettability' of the lens is not affected by the eye's blinking action, resulting in a more comfortable and natural experience.
  • Strong visual quality: Purevision lenses are often recommended by optometrists because these lenses deliver exceptionally clear visual quality.
  • Clean Lenses: The lens is designed to repel debris and dirt which may cloud the user's vision. The lenses are also less receptive of protein and lipids compared other multifocals in their class.
  • Corrective Design: Purevision multifocal lens can be used in correcting ocular issues depending on the recommendations and fitting of the optometrist. The lenses are available with a broad power range of +6.00D to -10.00 D. Fittings can be made with 0.25D steps.
  • High Oxygen levels: Like many organs, the eye relies on a steady supply of oxygen to function effectively. The unique AerGel material used in making the Purevision Multifocal lenses ensures that the eye stays healthy by allowing over 80% of the available oxygen to reach the eye. The eye receives almost as much oxygen with the lens as it does without. This reduces the risk of irritation or red eyes.

Who is it for?

Purevision Multifocal lenses are a suitable option for people with vision issues who prefer the convenient and flexible solution offered by contact lenses as opposed to multifocal glasses.


Purevision Mutifocal lenses can be bought online. Contact Lenses Online is a one stop source for replacement contact lenses. The store caters to orders within Australia and is recognised by over two dozen health funds. Members of private Australian trust funds can therefore enjoy potential rebates by placing their orders online here.

Purevision Multifocal Fitting Tips

For the right viewing experience, patients will need to ensure that their lenses are fitted properly. During your contact lens fitting with your optometrist, the following steps are used to ensure clarity and comfort with Purevision Multifocal contact lenses.

  • Patients are advised to start with a trial lens based on their full distance spectacle sphere. They can discover this during a routine examination.
  • Test the lens to assess its performance. Patients are advised to evaluate their vision under different lighting conditions.
  • Purevision multifocal can be fine tuned to create the best possible viewing results. For close vision, the lenses can be adjusted by adding tiny increments of +0.25D to the non dominant eye until the right setting is reached. For distance, similar changes of -0.25D can be added to the dominant eye. Both tuning should be done using normal light.
  • Patients should only proceed with their choice if the lenses prove satisfactory for both short and long distance vision. The exact setting will depend on the patient's comfort and personal preferences. Some patients prefer a higher ADD on the non-dominant eye.


Purevision Multifocal should not be used in situations where a patient experiences conditions such as:

  • Known allergy history to any of the ingredients used it the manufacturing of the lens
  • Known allergy history to the ingredients found in lens care solution
  • Irritated, sore or red eyes
  • Injuries on the eye that are likely to be aggravated by a lens
  • An eye disease which may be worsened with the use of Purevision multifocal.
  • Bacterial, Viral or fungal eye infection
  • Dry eyes
  • Sensitive eyes.


With the Purevision Multifocal contact lens, patients can once again enjoy clean and clear vision. The multifocal contact lenses offer a high level of comfort backed by the company's unique silicone hydgrogel material. Purevision Multi-focals can be prescribed as a valid treatment option for presbyopia.