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Soflens 59
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The Bausch and Lomb Soflens 59 contact lenses are designed for treating myopia or hyperopia. These are constructed from a specially designed material that resists protein build-up, which means that vision will remain clear throughout the time the lenses are worn and eye irritation will be very unlikely. The Soflens 59 can be worn for up to two weeks before needing replacement. The Hilafilcon polymer is a patented compound that has been time tested to deliver the ultimate comfort during lens wear. These contact lenses have a light blue tint for easy handling in solution or out of the eye. The tint will not change or affect the color of the eye. The UniFit technology in the lens makes it easy to put the contacts in the eye. Soflens 59 contacts are designed for the best cleanliness of lenses and are sold in boxes with 6 lenses that provide vision care for up to three months.