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Soflens Daily Disposable 90 Pack
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Softlens daily disposable 90 pack are designed for daily wear and replacement. The contact lenses are manufactured by global leaders, Bausch & Lomb. Each pack is accompanied by 90 lenses individually packed in a sealed and sterilised container. Softlens are manufactured out of a hydrogel known as Hilafilicon B. Soflens Daily lens can only be bought with an optometrist's prescription and is available online.


  • High Definition Optics: Soflens Daily disposable 90 packs deliver better vision with its high definition optics technology. Users of the contact lens are able to see better during low light situations. In addition to being able to see at night, high definition optics reduces the blurriness caused by glares and haloes.
  • Visible Tint: Soflens contact lenses are manufactured with a light visible tint. The added tint makes the lens easier to spot in their white cases. The added colour is however not transferred to the eyes when worn.
  • ComfortMoist: The lenses within the Softlens Daily disposable pack are easy to wear and gentle on the eyes. This is partly as a result of ComfortMoist, a patented technology which features a revolutionary lens design that further reduces the thinness of the lens. The thin build combined with the gentle release of moisture (provided by the packaging solution) makes the lens less distracting when worn and results in a more comfortable and natural experience.
  • Advanced Design: Soflens daily disposable 90 pack are manufactured with high definition optics which enhances the performance of the lens, resulting in sharper and clearer vision. It also reduces the frequency of halos and glares.
  • UV-Absorbent design: Each lenses is manufactured with UV absorbent features that filters out over 80% of harmful UV rays.

Who is it for?

Soflens daily disposable lenses are an ideal option for people who wish to avoid the hassle of using cleaning, disinfecting and maintaining their contact lenses regularly. It is also a suitable choice for people who wish to replace their prescribed glasses with a more compact, comfortable and flexible option.


  • Offers a flexible approach to vision care. Patients can choose to wear their contact lenses constantly or only when needed.
  • No need to worry about storing large cleaning solutions.
  • Easy to dispose after use. Does not require bulky or messy solutions.
  • Clean and fresh start to every day. Patients do not have to worry about accumulated protein deposits or possible infections.
  • Can be used with people who have active lifestyles. Performance is unaffected even when worn during sporting events.
  • Offers support for peripheral vision which makes events like driving safer.
  • Fitted with advanced high definition optics that reduces the appearance of glares, halos or blurriness.
  • Can be used to correct vision issues as long as the right prescription is used.
  • Offers protection from ambient UV-A and UV-B radiation.
  • Easier to met the replacement schedule compared to other options.
  • Offers the healthiest approach to eye care currently available.

Soflens Daily Disposable 90 pack Price

Soflens daily disposable lenses can be readily ordered online. The exact cost will depend on the store that patients make their purchase from. At Contact Lenses Online, shoppers can enjoy the best discount options on their purchases. Contact Lenses Online offers a broad range of contact lens solutions including Soflens daily disposable 90 packs. Members of Australian private health funds can also enjoy rebates from using the provided receipts.


The lenses within the Soflens daily disposable 90 pack may not be a good option if the user experiences symptoms such as;

  • Eye disease which may be worsened by the use of constant use of contact lenses
  • Severe eye inflammation
  • Eye injury or disease that affects the eye, conjunctiva or cornea.
  • Any systemic disease that may be worsened with the use of contact lenses
  • Severely dry eyes
  • Irregular eye sensitivity.
  • Allergic reaction to the ingredients used in the manufacture of the lens or lens care solution.
  • Bacterial, fungal or viral infection that may be spread with the use of contact lenses


The Soflens Daily disposable 90 pack is an ideal option for patients with sensitive eyes. Each lens is manufactured with a slow release wetness formula that keeps the eye moist all through the day. Soflens daily disposable contact lenses also offer a convenient option to patients who would rather avoid the hassle of constantly cleaning, maintaining their lenses at the start and end of each day.

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