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Soflens for Astigmatism (Fortnightly)
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Bausch and Lomb's new SofLens 66 Toric contacts are the new approach to having comfortable lenses for extended periods of time. The Soflens 66 Toric contact is designed to be worn for two-weeks before replacement and is designed to be one of the most stable contact lenses that is simple to wear. Toric is a term used to distinguish the optics that are used to correct a vision problem called Astigmatism, where the lens of the eye basically changes shape and therefore vision is distorted and blurry. These optics are built for those with unclear vision between the ages of twenty and forty. Another unique feature of the soflens 66 toric, is that there is a tint to the lens, making it easy to identify if it is dropped or lost in the eye. The lens is made from Alphaflicon A which enhances the fit of the lens and helps the lens retain its shape for refocusing light to a single point. This lens incorporates the number one Toric design for correcting astigmatism and is an excellent choice for people interested in correcting their vision.