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Acuvue Moist 30 Pack
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"just a short note to thank you so much for your prompt service and order delivery my glasses that arrived today and are perfect, i was apprehensive to order online but could not be happier."

With the ACUVUE Moist 30 pack offers, users are able to enjoy a fresh change of lens daily. The ACUVUE Moist 30 pack rules out the need to invest in large cleaning solutions and instead offers a convenient hassle-free approach to daily eye care. Because the option of daily replacement drastically reduces the risk of irritants accumulated over prolonged use, it is a suitable option for allergy sufferers.


The ACUVUE Moist 30 pack is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Vision care and is one of two different package options currently available under the ACUVUE Moist brand (the other being the Acuvue Moist 90 Packs). Like many other vision correction products, the Moist 30 pack can be easily ordered online.


The list of features offered with the contact lenses include;

  • Hydrogel Material: The lenses within the ACUVUE Moist 30 pack are made out of Etafilcon A - a hydrogel material that provides a great amount of oxygen to the eye. This reduces the risk of eye soreness or infection. The high permeability of the contact lens also means a natural and comfortable experience unlike some other contact lens makers.
  • LACERON Technology: Developed by Johnson & Johnson Vision care, LACERON is the company's proprietary technology, designed to improve the natural feel and comfort of the contact lens. It achieves this in different ways. One of these is by embedding a unique water holding ingredient into the etafilcon material. This ensures that the lens remains rich with moisture all through the day. LACERON technology also delivers an ultra smooth surface which reduces the drying actions caused by friction. The smooth surface creates a thin layer over the eye, similar to the natural sensation of tears.
  • UV protection: Enjoy protection from UV rays. The ACUVUE Moist 30 pack is fitted with UV protection that is effective enough to block out 97% of UV-B radiation and as much as 82% of UV-A radiation. This is one of the highest levels of radiation protection currently available. Despite its strong UV protective feature, the lenses within the ACUVUE Moist 30 pack are not designed to be used as replacement for protective eye equipment.
  • Comfortable Handling: The lenses in the ACUVUE Moist 30 pack are easy to insert and handle. They are tinted a light shade of blue which makes them easy to detect within the lens case, reducing the risk of accident. The tint is unnoticeable when worn.


The cost of the ACUVUE Moist 30 pack varies with different vendors. ACUVUE Moist 30 packs are however more affordable when ordered online. This is because most online vendors have lowered operational cost and order in large volumes which provides them with better financial flexibility. Contact Lense Online offers great value when it comes to purchasing Acuvue Moist.

Contact Lenses Online is recognized by most of the major Australian health funds including Medibank, HCF, NIB and MBF.

Who needs them?

The ACUVUE Moist 30 pack is a suitable option for people who prefer the convenience offered by daily disposable vision corrections. They offer improved comfort levels which makes them an ideal choice for individuals who are prone to allergies, itching or infection caused by wearing the same contact lenses for extended periods The ACUVUE Moist 30 pack contains lenses made out of Etafilcon A which delivers a gentler wearing experience.

Important Details

The eye is a sensitive organ and should be treated with care. Wearing the wrong type of contact lens can lead to dangerous - and often irreparable - eye damage. To prevent serious eye problems, it is advised that patients seek the attention of an eye care professional before buying their contact lens. This way they'll be able to receive the right prescription for their eye needs. Contact lenses should not be worn if you are experiencing eye discomfort, redness or worsening vision. You should also reconsider wearing a contact lens is you have an eye infection or are suffering from excessive tearing.

The lenses within the ACUVUE Moist 30 pack should not be worn within the hot tub or while swimming. The moist environment can increase the risk of eye infection. For similar reasons, it is advised that people protect their lenses from smoke or fumes.

The Bottom Line

The ACUVUE Moist 30 pack offers a lot of benefits. It can be taken during trips as acceptable solution for the airport's restriction on chemical liquids. The option of a fresh lens every day also reduces the risk of infection or allergies caused by particles or protein deposits. It can be used with people living both sedentary and active lifestyles.

Also available Acuvue Moist 90 Packs